Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Why Would a Hypnosis Seminar to Stop Smoking be Needed?

Quitting smoking is important to many smokers and there are various ways that are advertised to help stop smoking. Hypnosis is one of these options and there are different methods on offer including, hypnotherapy sessions, hypnosis cds and even the attendance of a hypnosis seminar to stop smoking. The different methods available are useful in various ways. One on one sessions are generally recognized to be the best solution to the problem while cds are a more convenient way to aid the cessation of a smoking habit. An hypnosis seminar to stop smoking is usually used by people that want company in their efforts to stop smoking and can even be arranged by a business in order to help a large number of their employees stop taking smoke breaks.

Many people do not believe that attending a hypnosis seminar to stop smoking will do any use and it does not work for a lot of people. However, the social aspect of having a large group of people with the same problem and need come together in order to make a change can be particularly motivating and encouraging to a number of people. Smoking can be a social activity so perhaps the act of quitting smoking being a social activity can help replace the need. A hypnosis seminar to stop smoking does not deal with individual problems however.

Benefits and Drawbacks to Attending a Hypnosis Seminar to Stop Smoking

The benefits to attending a hypnosis seminar to stop smoking can be that you are not alone in your effort to quit this habit. Many people feel pressure to stop smoking and it can be hard but a group effort can be the trick needed to go the final distance. A hypnosis seminar to stop smoking can work out cheaper per person than by seeing a therapist individually which can be costly which means that people with less money can also benefit. As many businesses are losing out on production because of the number of smoke breaks taken by their employees, it can be beneficial for them to try and sort out the problem in bulk.

The drawbacks to attending a hypnosis seminar to stop smoking can be multiple. There are many non-licensed therapists who have learned a skill by attending a quick course and sell what they have learned to the unsuspecting suspect. This can be a rip off in terms of the service provided and the lack of qualifications to provide this service. Seeing a qualified therapist is a preferable option as they are guaranteed to have studied for a long time on the effects of hypnotherapy on different personalities. A seminar does not focus on individual problems or issues and can be a broad generalization that will not benefit every person that attends the seminar.

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