Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

All health experts advise against smoking because of its bad effects on your health. But these tobacco and cigarette companies spend millions of dollars promoting their products as something cool and hip. It is not surprising therefore, that many people start smoking at a very young age and continue doing so throughout their adult life. Cigarettes and tobaccos are known to have ingredients that can be addictive. Trying to quit smoking will be like treating an addiction.

Smoking causes a wide variety of diseases, most of which are related to the lungs and heart including high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Even people who inhale second hand smoke are at risk from the bad health effects of smoking. They could also suffer from the same diseases as the smokers. If you have children, you are setting a bad example as parents if you smoke. There is a high probability that your children would start smoking at an early stage.

If you really want to stop smoking, then you should do so immediately. The longer you smoke, the more bad health effects will you experience. You can stop smoking but exhibit nicotine withdrawal symptoms that could include shaking, sweating and dizziness. This withdrawal can be treated with nicotine patches or gums. After some time, you would no longer need to smoke. You can ask your family and friends for emotional and moral support since quitting could be quite difficult.

In extreme cases, like those who smoke several packs a day, quitting smoking is almost impossible. Professional medical help maybe required in cases like this and psychotherapy is often recommended. The treatment for your smoking addiction could be treated with counseling and medication. Psychiatrists often prescribe anti-depressant for patients who smoke because they are depressed or sad.

Hypnotherapy is considered to be another effective treatment for smoking addiction. It works by targeting your subconscious and altering your behavior through hypnosis. Although relatively new, many patients have already claimed its effectivity. You will probably feel the results after a couple of sessions. The treatment is relatively cheaper and less invasive.

Deciding to stop smoking will probably be one of the best decisions in your life. You will not only be saving your health but also the heath of the people around you as well as the environment. All it takes is some firm commitment and the initiative to seek out an effective treatment.

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