Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bullsh1t! Nicocure Review- The Top Benefits of Using Nicocure to Stop Smoking

This article has got to be the biggest load of BS I have ever read: Nicocure is snake oil!

Behaviorists say that it takes just 21 days to make a habit. But how long does it take to permanently quit a nicotine habit? Try Nicocure.

Would you believe that it only takes TEN days to kick the nicotine habit? Yes, just TEN days. No, it is not possible with nicotine patches, nicotine gums or will power, although millions have tried them. It has been proven possible through the use of Nicocure.

Nicocure is the revolutionary and all-natural way to treating nicotine addiction. Unlike the nicotine patches, Nicocure contains zero percent nicotine, thus taking you totally off nicotine. Do not be afraid of finding yourself transferring addictions from cigarettes to nicotine patches or gum.

Millions of smokers have tried to quit smoking again and again, but failed each time, until they tried Nicocure. In fact, over 97% of those who used Nicocure have successfully quit the habit for good. Compare this to users of nicotine gum and patches - only 20% of them are just as successful. Well, no success rate figures are available for will power.

What makes Nicocure amazing is the special herb content that makes it a safe, natural and effective alternative to nicotine patches and nicotine gums.

This ingredient is a known life-saver for asthmatics and people suffering from bronchitis. Michael Murray, N.D., of Bastyr College recommends it as a better alternative to chewing gum and nicotine patch because it gives your nicotine receptor cells the same feeling that nicotine provides.

This ingredient has been identified as Lobelia Inflata or more popularly known as Indian tobacco. The plant extract acts as an expectorant for the lungs, which helps clear the lungs quickly. But that is not how Lobelia and Nicocure effectively rids you of your nicotine addiction.

Researchers at Nicocure have found a way to reduce the plant extracts to a proprietary herbal blend, in a patch form, which can give your nicotine receptor cells the same feeling as nicotine. It also makes nicotine products like cigarettes and nicotine gum taste awfully bad. You will not crave the “cigarette sensation” after using the Nicocure formula.

Nicocure users claimed that their cravings disappeared in just ten days of using the product. However, you can also purchase a 30-day supply if you feel you need Nicocure patches for a longer period of time.

Nicocure is one great gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Roger Mansfield is a former 40-a-day smoker from the UK, and now works as a consultant for those wishing to quit the habit. To find out more about the Nicocure method of stopping smoking, you can visit Roger's website (, which provides articles, guides and testimonies for would-be former smokers.

Nicocure Review


Robert Cameron said...

The secret to stop children smoking is to educate them about peer group pressure.
I smoked for 30 years and am now in my 4th year of stopping. I used nicocure and was so pleased with it that I set up a blog to review it you can have a look at Why not pop along and get some hints and tips. :)

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