Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Debunking Myths on Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

For so many years now, hypnosis as one way to stop smoking is considered one of the most effective technique in helping people stop smoking. In spite of its popularity as a great alternative medication used to stop smoking, many people are still confused and baffled on its efficiency. With high dependency on substances found in tobacco or cigarettes, most people say that hypnosis or mind control cannot easily eradicate smoking addiction.

This assertion can well be accepted if they can prove it. However, some individuals continue to debate on the effectivity of hypnosis because their beliefs had been deeply rooted on some myths that are not extremely reliable. Unfortunately, most people who had been brainwashed by myths on hypnosis are those that do not know anything about hypnosis.

Myths on hypnosis to stop smoking have become deeply rooted beliefs that other people are not even aware of them. Consequently, they are very difficult to break. Here is a list of some myths on how hypnosis is used to stop smoking and the truths behind them:

1. Hypnosis lets you do things against your will

Most people, who do not believe that an individual can use hypnosis to stop smoking, consider the statement that hypnotist can control the mind of an individual and let him do things even if they are against his will. This is definitely false. The point is that if hypnosis can allow people to control other people’s minds, then getting rich can be so easy. You do not even have to create a certain distinction on a smoker’s mind frame and help him stop smoking for life. This is because even if he does not want to stop smoking, he will be compelled to do so because his mind has been programmed and controlled to do such act.

The truth is that hypnosis can never let anybody do things against their will. Even if hypnosis can work its way through your subconscious mind, it is still your conscious mind that will put more bearing on things that you want to attain. The only goal of hypnosis is to help you program your mind to clear things that impede the realization of your goal.

For example, if you really want to stop smoking but you always have excuses or some things influence you to continue, you can opt for hypnosis to stop smoking. In this way, hypnosis can determine the hostilities of your sub-conscious mind so as to achieve the goals of your conscious self.

2. You can be hypnotized even if you do not want to

Some people say that anybody can be hypnotized even if they do not want to. This is totally a myth. Hypnosis is established on the fact that people are willing to be hypnotized because they wanted to see changes in their selves, from which they cannot consciously do. Because there are so many things that block the total concentration of an individual in focusing his mind to important things, such as quit smoking, they can always opt for hypnosis.

As much as you are willing to stop smoking, people who are hypnotized are usually the ones who submit themselves to such acts. In fact, some experts even say that not all people who are willing to be hypnotized can be easily directed to a hypnotic state. Keep in mind that willingness is the key to achieve your goals.

3. You are totally unaware of everything once hypnotized

The truth is that hypnosis can only get through your sub-conscious state. This means that you are not totally conscious but can still be slightly aware of what is happening around you. No wonder why individuals who are in hypnotic state can still answer sensibly the hypnotist’s questions or can still respond to the hypnotist’s suggestions.

The point here is that hypnosis can only alter your conscious state but can never let you leave it. Through hypnosis, one can easily see things not being accepted in reality or in one’s conscious state. Hence, acceptance is best achieved through hypnosis.

So through hypnosis, you would be able to accept that maybe, one of the reason why you cannot stop smoking even if you wanted to is because you still want to build that manly image. In real, it may be hard for you to admit this but through hypnosis, you can sub-consciously realize this and eventually stop smoking.

All of these myths are totally illusions of things hypnosis is not. Maybe, this can be rooted on the fact that not all people understand the real meaning of hypnosis. But once you have learned its meaning, it will be easier for you to accept the fact that you can effectively use hypnosis to stop smoking.

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